Ugh. Writers Block.

Thus far, I haven’t had this problem. You know, that complete emptiness inside your head when you sit down to write? It’s a bit disturbing. So of course, I do what I always do when I struggle with something content related; head to copyblogger and pro-blogger. See if there is any advice for “fixing” my problem…

Ok, I am not opposed to exercising at all. I quite enjoy it. But I did that already, so excercise is not the issue.

Oh! The Eugene Schwartz 33.33 minutes.
This one I kind of like. A lot. According to copyblogger (you can read the full article here if you’d like) Eugene timed himself, 33.33 minutes at a time and allowed himself to do nothing entertaining except write…and drink coffee:) My kind of plan, I’m thinking, if only to force myself down.

And the sticky kind, too. From words you like to miscellaneous thoughts you have. Acquire a collection of sticky notes around the writing area to give inspiration when stuck. I’ve adopted this trick, too. To no avail today, I might add.

Admit today is not your day
I have issues with admitting defeat. I know I have something up there that is interesting/humorous/helpful. I just have to find a way to pry those idea from the cold, seemingly lifeless (today) fingers of my brain…

…….haha. A 200+ word post. And possibly useful…maybe one of these ideas will help you.


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